Teachers & Schools,

Thanks for taking the time to look. We have been street dancing and teaching street dance only since 2008. Through street dance, we are able to help your students in a number of ways. Street dance is not only a great deal of fun, it encourages fitness, individuality, creativity and lots more essential life skills. Young people often associate themselves with the music and the dance styles we teach, therefore it has the added bonus of practical use when socialising.

Street dance is absolutely terrific for fitness levels, and all of the street dance styles will help to develop good fitness levels, and agility. Street dance is a great complimentary to other dance styles, and other sports and activities.

If you would like to get in touch with us to organise a street dance demonstration/class in your school (we may ask for travel expenses depending on location), then please contact us via e-mail

If you are a school or teacher who is worried about the Urban Dance module, in the past we have worked with dance teachers as well as students across Kent, helping to deliver a successful and accurate method of teaching.

If you are looking for good role models, both from a fitness and dancing point of view, to visit your school in Kent, then we can help with this too.

We run a number of successful street dance after school clubs in Kent, and would like to start more. If you are looking to organise an after school street dance club in Kent, or a series of street dance workshop’s, then please contact us via email

We are CRB checked, the number is available on request. In addition to this we have Public Liability Insurance.

We look forwards to hearing from you,

Nick Numas


Dear Nick,

Your inspirational freestyle dance workshops in July were a marvellous way to end the summer term at Meadows School. It was a highlight of our annual ‘3rd Rock Week’ which explores, challenges and celebrates the global dimensions in the curriculum. We also try to have fun, too, and having you perform and teach Street Dance was ‘edgy & cool’.

You make dance an exciting learning experience that even the most disaffected students can be engaged. You will recall the spontaneous participation of some of the most energetic and challenging young people around!

You made such an amazing impact on our staff and students that I was not surprised that you have received such great reviews in the local press for the talented ways you demonstrate an amazing range of movement.

We will commend you to other schools and we hope that you will consider returning to perform and teach at Meadows because you have shown that young people can express urban culture in such positive ways. Street Dance has great transformational potential for our students at Meadows.

We wish you continued success.

Best wishes, Tony Fitzpatrick 16+ Manager